Minhaj ul Arabiyya - Arabic Grammar Course

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Minhaj ul-Arabiyya : A concise course to study Spoken and Qur'anic Arabic grammar

Length: 25 hours
Department: Arabic
Level: 1
Language(s): English/Urdu { The content is in English and the voice instructions are in Urdu}


Grammar is counted amongst the tool-sciences, serving as a means by which one can penetrate the depths of Allah’s final book, revealed “in a clear, Arabic tongue.” [26:95]

Grammar allows one to access the rich corpus of scholarly works written in the fields of Islamic Law (fiqh), Belief (`aqida), Prophetic Narratives (hadith), and so forth, thus making its study necessary for any serious seeker of knowledge.

Most importantly, a solid understanding of Arabic adds a totally new element to one’s worship. One’s prayer, supplication, remembrance of Allah, and recitation of the Qur’an are transformed from mere recital to an active conversation between one and one’s Lord.

This course introduces the student to the core concepts of Arabic grammar, essential for any further study of the Arabic language. By providing a thematic overview of possibly the most famous primer written on the topic, the Ajurumiyya, this brief, one semester course not only gives the student a solid foundation in the basic rules of Arabic grammar, but also readies one for a full, in-depth reading of a classical primer on the subject.

S. no. Lesson
1 Lesson 1 & 2-Demonstrative Pronouns
2 Lesson 3 - Shamsi Qamari Huroof
3 Lesson 4- Definite Nouns
4 Lesson 5 -Nominal Sentence
5 Lesson 6 - Demonstrative Pronouns (Feminine)
6 Lesson 7 - Personal Pronouns
7 Lesson 8- Attached Pronouns
8 Lesson 9 -Prepositions - Huroof Jarr
9 Lesson 10 - Types of Word
10 Lesson 11 -Adjectives
11 Lesson 12 - Dual Form in Arabic
12 Lesson 13 - Possesive Expression ( Mudaf)
13 Lesson 14 - Interrogative(Questioning)
14 Lesson 15 - Interrogative(Questioning) Articles - Contd.
15 Lesson 16 - Verbal Sentence
16 Lesson 17 - Verbal Sentence Contd.
17 Lesson 18 - Sound Plural
18 Lesson 19 - Conjunctives
19 Lesson 20 - Negative Form
20 Lesson 21 - Different Forms of Maa

The prerequisites for this course are: Knowledge of the Arabic alphabet Ability to read Arabic script Knowledge of basic types of of nouns, such as explicit nouns (e.g. zayd, muslim) and pronouns (e.g. huwa, hiya), including noun-gender and number (singular, dual, plural) Knowledge of basic past and present-future tense verb conjugations.