Ladies Madrassa

Ladies Madrassa

The lack of Islamic teachers in certain places, the time schedule of school education, and the lack of madrasa in Muslim minority places became the reason for the online madrasa.

Scope of online madrasa

Let us discuss the scope of the online madrasa and online Islamic elementary school at national/local and international levels.

1. National level: At national level our school system and tutorial process consume the major time of students. They didn’t get time to achieve Islamic education through the traditional madrasa system. The arrival of online Islamic school will fill this gap. Online classes have time flexibility and easy accessibility. It will also reduce the mental and physical strain on pupil.

2. International level: A large number of foreign countries haven’t madrasa system. Even in gulf countries there haven’t a proper Islamic elementary education system that suitable for our children. So undoubtedly we can find the necessity of the elementary education system in those countries. An Online platform with qualified teachers and well-organized curriculum can supply quality Islamic education.

Fee: INR 3000/-